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sowfiAmong Lace Locs’s celebrity customers is Sowfi. Our customer since 2008, Sowfi’s music style is versatile. She has sung lead vocals on R&B projects and European dance tracks. Her current album, “SOW'Dance feat. Sowfi” is a mix of Dance, Disco and Pop. Sowfi mixes culture in her music styles. Sowfi started singing as a young child. “Since I was kid… eight years old, I learned the Nikka Costa’s hit ‘On My Own’ and my family discovered my talent. At seventeen, I was singing in my friend’s bathroom. Her boyfriend was so surprised by my voice. He asked me if I wanted to sing on his project. I accepted. So the adventure started by chance.”

In between her busy schedule, we had the opportunity to interview Sowfi about her career, new album and lace wigs (of course).

How were you wearing your hair prior to lace wigs?

Prior to lace wigs I used to wear sew in hair extensions. In 2008 after noticing the innovation of this form of hair extensions I began wearing lace wigs.

Do you find that lace wigs give you the flexibility you need when you are on stage?

Of course… you have the feeling that the lace is your real hair. You can wear a ponytail or part your hair like it would be yours and it feels so natural.

Do you apply your wig yourself?

Yes I do apply my lace wig myself. It was a tough path, but I succeeded with determination to say that I always have compliments and everybody believes that professionals apply it.

Tell us about your application method, which includes the products you use.

My tip to an easier application is one word, SUPER TAPE”! The best ever for front and for extended wear! Bond the mini strips around the lace. Begin by the front side first, then delicately, bond the frontage and take a pause. Now the nape isn’t easy in fact, but you can handle it if you choose the right products. I tend to use a combined adhesives application (Liquid & Tape). For liquid adhesive I use “Vapon No Tape” to apply directly on the nape and wait three minutes and bond the nape with the mini strips already bond to the lace. I guarantee you a long lasting hold time.

Do you have a staple lace wig hair origin and hair texture type?

Yes, I have. For the lace material, I use French lace only, cause it’s more comfortable and agreeable by the touch. The edge is definitely thinner though. For the hair I have a mixed feeling for silky straight, which gives you a “femme fatale” look, but curly texture is really fits me too. The hair origin I’m addicted to is Indian or Malaysian Remy hair.

How often do you experiment with color in your wigs?

I never experimented with it myself. I’m not sure I’d be good at doing my own colors. Especially dying it myself. I always bought my lace with highlights or a color blended mix.

Which products do you feel, for you perform while you perform? Which ones will you not live without?

CHI silk infusion serum & CHI Keratin mist… a must have!

Share with us some things you love about Lace Locs.

The After Sales team is the best EVER! I don’t remember the name of each person, but all I can say is they take time to answer to all your questions with helpful advice and professionalism. A big up for this team, really I do mean it. And here comes the hottest in my selection the “Jessica” Real Invisi lace wig. I’ll surely have a try the “Rosaleen” lace wig for my next photo shoot. It has a glamour touch like Diana Ross. I just can’t wait!

What singers did you listen to growing up?

American artists: Madonna, Diana Ross, Chic, Sister Sledge, Barbara Streisand, Earth Wind & Fire, Lionel Richie and Duran Duran

European artists: Claude Francois, Sylvie Vartan, Mireille Mathieu, Sheila, Joe Dassin, and Charles Aznavour

African artists: Mbilia Bell, Koffi Olomide, Pepe Kale, and Myriam Makeba

How long have you been working on your current album “SOW'Dance feat. Sowfi”?

We started working on it last. As my first album, I’ve invited several songwriters to join the production team. Paolo Marcuzzi is from Mulhouse, France and wrote a beautiful song, Adrian David from the UK wrote two songs. Daniel Garcet is still there to support me for seven years now and for the first time Daniel’s son, David Garcet, an upcoming DJ made the track “Deejay Mix”.

Tell us about the songs on your albums, what inspired you to write them?

I wanted to mix Pop, Disco and Dance. So the inspiration was so wide. We started with the launching single, “Around & Around“ which has the most dance music influence. It sounds like 70’s mixed with 90’s and a bit of dance music. For the lyrics, I tried to talk about my state of mind during each moment of my life.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am planning to promote my new Gospel album "Whenever" and I will begin to sing in churchs first and launch it on i-Tunes before the end of December 2011.

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